Saturday, December 31, 2016

I hate shrooms and LSD and that is why I take it

I force myself to do all the activities of a normal day, the gym, my business, mundane activities, going and seeing my friends (who don't even know i am or was on it). And the whole time I'm thinking to myself, this would be so much easier if I was sober, shit sober with caffeine... It wouldn't. Its just a lie we tell ourselves. First our excuse is that we are high and cant do these things. Then our excuse becomes its 5am or we woke up at 5am and we are tired or not mentally there.. Then we become sick, then its just an ordinary day but we just don't feel like doing it. We have to constantly grab ourselves deep and force ourselves to do things we don't want to do. Tripping is taking a spiritual drug that shuts down our ego, suspends it for periods of time whether it be 2 hours or 12 but requires extreme mental discipline and fortitude to completely control. The war for mental control really is in the mind - all pain and suffering is really in the mind.  Taking psychedelics as a cognitive enhancer isn't for the faint of heart, and I hate it every time I do it, but it brings extraordinary clarity, an unbelievable training in mental, emotional, and spiritual discipline. I am kinder and more compassionate and grateful for the good people I have in my life. And generally just kinder to strangers. I am also EXTREMELY strict with cutting people out of my life and generally throwing large groups of people into the "toxic people pile" which tends to baffle even some of my closest friends and relatives. They say to me, "you cant be that harsh, not everybody is like you..." And I am VERY strict on what I let into my life. My replies are typical, "you either have values or you don't, where is that line drawn? What do you stand for?" I summarize relationships in a nutshell:: You either add value to my life in which case I will add value to yours, or you are taking value because you are a leech and don't know how to bring value to those around you. Psychedelics bring an absolute clarity to our lives, and we can waste it at a rave or by looking at butterflies in the park or watching Netflix or we can go about our daily and social activities like the gym, and all that work you've been putting off.  

Granted you have to know your body - there is a come up phase which under no circumstances should a beginner be driving, but once you've mastered accomplished emotional and spiritual discipline you aren't limited by fears that hold people like back like social interactions and you basically become immune to bad trips. I get them and shut them down instantly; I AM in full control. It wasn't always this way, Ive been through Hell and back at least 5 times and still start to get teary eyed just thinking about some of those bad trips. Obviously i am not superhuman, i feel pain but i feel a lot less fear, the small things definitely go away. We go through most of life just sweating the small stuff- bills, being late for work, making a mess in the kitchen, car repairs, being broke, fear and anxiety... In a drug fueled haze the small stuff will break you mentally, you have to overcome these HUGE mental obstacles and when you've learned to let that go, 99% of life just becomes easy.