Sunday, January 1, 2017

I found the real life NZT Limitless Drug and I can't tell anyone!

The real life NZT drug from Limitless is NOT for sale, but it's on the streets and it's more common than you think. I have never heard of NZT what is it? See the movie trailer. [2 minutes 32 seconds]

The real life NZT drug from the movie Limitless is here and I am determined to prove it! It is an illegal Schedule I Controlled Substance but surprisingly accessible... Chances are you know someone who has already "tried it." I have no reason to sell you on this drug. I don't and wont sell it, it is illegal so I cant Affiliate Market it. IF anything I can lose my job, be subject to Legal Liability and possibly even serve jail time just for publicly endorsing it. I have nothing to gain other than spreading the truth.

Holy Crap that's not a marketing gimmick at all! What makes this the REAL NZT Limitless drug?

Here are some of the positives: There are no physical side effects as it is out of your system in 24 hours. It wont even show up in a drug test though I don't take on days I work because that's just a waste of 12+ hours of potential that I could have given to myself. Extremely affordable, a one day supply can be had for as low as $10. It is non addictive. You are stronger, more body aware, emotionally aware, your ego gets suspended, and your mind is clearer than it's ever been. You truly live in the moment for a period of time-true monk like Zen living in the present moment. It kills depression and you are mentally and emotionally ready to let go of baggage. You feel deeper more meaningful connections with people and a healthy respect for all living things. Your senses are dramatically enhanced. Simply put, you become more of what you are; if you are driven and motivated to succeed, you wont be able to play video games or watch Netflix no matter how tired or burnt out you are, it will be a kick in the ass to go out and seize life! In an instant you will become a bigger, stronger, smarter, better version of yourself. Your creative writing and expression will increase 10 fold. This drug is literally the World's greatest stress relief literally shaking stress out of your body with Shudders [link & videos coming soon]. At LEAST three scientists have made shocking discoveries which led to Nobel Peace Prizes while under the influence of this drug... This is truly a "magic pill."

Now lets get real here: You will NOT have all of these positive side effects on the first few tries.

You must first learn to harness these new abilities as it is overwhelming at first. Just imagine if all your senses instantly became 10x stronger, you wont be winning at professional sports, you'll be more like ZOD in superman without the suit - overwhelmed, physically and mentally paralyzed.
[37 second clip]

What is this drug and why haven't we all heard about it? More importantly why is it illegal? The drug I am talking about is medically classified as a Hallucinogen and the overwhelming power of Hallucinogens is why so few people get past the recreational use... The REAL LIFE NZT drug from Limitless specifically is Lysergic acid - LSD.  Psychedelics aren't drugs in the conventional sense - they aren't Dissociative drugs or stimulants or opioids, nor are they Anti-anxiety or Antidepressant medication. Psychedelics are medicine for the Spirit, food for the Soul; and we often forget that at our very core we are Spiritual Beings. The average person cannot fathom what the mind and body are capable of when you tap into your Spirit. The Power of our Spirit when tapped into and harnessed exceeds any Physical Limitations our bodies may have... IF you can harness it's power. The saddest part is that we live in a society where people take the Limitless drug and go to Clubs or watch Netflix.

Not a Pill
Now I wouldn't be a very responsible adult if I didn't include some disclaimers, lets get to the negatives: It is a double edge sword to be (and most commonly is) abused recreationally by the weak minded, unmotivated, and Spiritually Bankrupt. You can only take this drug once or twice a week (though I recommend less). Many beginners without the ability to multitask at this level are sucked into a Bad Trip when the mind is overwhelmed from sensory overload or an inability to channel all the new information and energy. The panic attack can get much worse than just a bad trip, a weaker or unprepared mind may experience Emotional of Spiritual Scarring or worse - a Mental Breakdown. While you don't need drugs to mentally "break" when faced with adversity, there is no shortage of stories that serve as an important warning for those choosing not to respect Powerful Spiritual Drugs: Five True Bad Acid Trip Stories.